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Note: Given Weight Loss by above calculator Shown in your Actual Weight in next 24 hours.

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Note: You have to do minimum 1 hour any type of Exercise at Home with the above exercise timer for best results. 
Do Not Eat more than 1500 calorie with exercise in a Day including calorie of minimum 70gm protein powder.
(with exercise). It will Lose Weight 300gm daily ]
Always Count Your Calorie on Daily Basis by Going here to the total calorie counter

Note: Do Not Eat more than 1200 calorie in a day if you want to Lose weight Without Exercise (follow this diet plan)

Do Any Type of Exercise at Home or Gym. You Will Burn and Lose the weight which is shown by the calculator (approx). Your Daily Weight Loss calculator go here.

How this Calculator Works:

This calculator calculate an average calorie expenditure during exercise time.
When You Start Doing Exercise, Click on the Start Button.
When you take a break for some minutes, then Click on the Stop Button.
After the break, Start Exercising again, then click on the start button.

Do Not reload this page during exercise time.
For the next day, click the reset button to reset the calculator.
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